Align the body & mind
one step at a time.

Nature Inspired Wellness

Embrace life’s challenges every day with renewed vitality by nurturing your overall wellbeing through mind/body strength & balance, naturally.

Feel empowered to reduce stress, promote relaxation and foster inner alignment through every season of life.

Align, Breath & Connect
as simple as ABC

Be guided through simple 10-minute pilates practices accessible any where, anytime.

Feel centred & empowered to embrace life more aligned and connected to your authentic self.

“I started Pilates for the first time ever 7 months ago. I was hoping to improve my strength as I got older. I never realised how life changing Pilates would be! I feel stronger physically and mentally. I am so glad I took the step and did this for myself, I can’t imagine not doing Pilates now.”

Louise Mason

“Shoes Off Living has been instrumental in my recovery after a hysterectomy. The core work was essential to my recovery post-operatively especially the attention to detail and knowledge of rehab and injury prevention.”

Kylie Lodge

“I love Pilates classes with Shoes Off Living. Classes are always uniquely different and you come away feeling great. I can’t imagine doing Pilates anywhere else!”

Michelle Biggins

“After having my 3rd baby I knew I had a very weak core … since putting Pilates back into my routine my back pain has all but gone. Activating the right muscles and having a stronger core helps to make sure the right muscles are doing the work and takes pressure off my lower back .”

Alysha Little

Simple, beautiful living.

Discover the beautiful Australian landscapes from the comfort of your mat as my family and I bring you the incredible combination of the power of pilates and nature, the Shoes Off Living way.

As we film our journey, you’ll feel the energy of the ocean, tranquillity of rainforests, the clarity found in the outback and all that Australia has to offer from anywhere in the world.